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Spraying Equipment Maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance on your spraying equipment is key for consistent use. Starting with quality paint, clean filters, new gas and a good power source for your electric spraying equipment. These are the three major components to a successful spraying experience. All components may be in place and your equipment may still have performance issues. Painters Gear is always available for Service, Repair and Support.



Tune-Ups can consist of Packings, Filters, Professional Cleaning, Hoses and or electrical diagnosis. All equipment comes with a FREE Estimate on and Tune-Up Maintenance needed. We will call you with the diagnosis and estimated cost of service needed before any repairs are completed.

      Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories are needed for a variety of spraying jobs. We carry all fast moving parts for major manufacturers. If we do not have it in stock, all parts and accessories are approximately a day away.

Don't know what you need for a specific application, just ask. Our Sales and Service Department is here to guide you.


Here in Minnesota we have seasonal temperatures. Winterization of your equipment is needed in order to keep from having the moving parts freeze and crack. If proper measures are not taken this will add to additional maintenance and repair costs on your part. Take the time and schedule a Winterization or Seasonal Tune-Up.

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